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PODCAST LINK + QUESTION: Ep. 84: Season 3 Retrospective

CULTURE: Manga Bookstore Report - Tsutaya Shibuya November 2022

CULTURE: A Visit to Tokiwa-so Manga Museum


PODCAST LINK - Ep. 83: AKIRA VOL 4, By Katsuhiro Otomo

PODCAST - Ep. 82: Division Chief Kosaku Shima, by Kenshi Hirokane

PODCAST - Ep. 80: Space Brothers vol 1, by Chuya Koyama

PODCAST - Ep. 79: Kowloon Generic Romance

PODCAST - Ep. 78: Our Colors, by Gengoroh Tagame

PODCAST - Ep. 77: MOB PSYCHO 100, by ONE

PODCAST - Ep. 76: Chi's Sweet Home Vol 1&2 by Konami Kanata

PODCAST - Ep. 75: 4 First Chapters: Food Wars, Kokkoku, Sweetness and Lightning and How Are You?

PODCAST - Ep. 74: WITCHES by Daisuke Igarashi, and Drops of God by Agi & Okimoto

PODCAST - Ep. 73: Witchcraft Works vol 1 + You're My Pet vol 1

PODCAST - Ep. 72: Witch Hat Atelier by Kamome Shirahama, and MARS by Fuyumi Soryo

PODCAST - Ep. 71: Moonlight Mile s.3 and Knights of Sidonia

PODCAST - Ep. 70: My Hero Academia and Battle Angel Alita

SDCC 2022: Best & Worst Manga Picks!

Welcome to Giga Town!

PODCAST - Ep. 69: All-Rounder Meguru vol. 1 & 7, by Hiroki Endo

PODCAST: Ep. 68 - MASSIVE: Gay Erotic Manga + Lone Wolf and Cub

PODCAST: Ep. 67: In the Clear Moonlit Dusk, by Mika Yamamori

PODCAST - Ep. 66: Cross Game vol. 1 & To Strip the Flesh

INTERVIEW: Akane Torikai - part 2

INTERVIEW: Akane Torikai - part 1

PODCAST - Ep. 65: Dai Dark Vol. 1

PODCAST - Ep. 64: Blue Giant vol. 5-6

BONUS - Ep. 64 Pre-Read: Blue Giant Vol. 1-4

The Origins of Unico, Tezuka's Lonely Unicorn

PODCAST - Ep. 63: All My Darling Daughters

BONUS: Interview with Samuel Sattin, writer of Unico: Awakening

PODCAST - Ep.62: My Love Mix-Up! Vol. 1 (Pt 1/2)

PODCAST - Episode 61: Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler vol. 1

MSX: A Guide to Our Manga

BONUS: Interview with Taiyo Matsumoto from 2011, on the digital publication of No. 5

PODCAST- Episode 60: Dick Fight Island vol. 1 by Reibun Ike

FREE MANGA: Gay Doujinshi Q&A with Kaz!

PODCAST - Episode 59: Ping Pong by Taiyo Matsumoto

PODCAST - Episode 58: Birds of Shangri-La vol. 1 by Ranmaru Zariya (NSFW)

MANGA: Okinawa Ch. 08: Military Landlord (Free Chapter)

PODCAST - Episode 57: AJIN: Demi-Human vol. 1 by Gamon Sakurai and Tsuina Miura

PODCAST - Episode 56: The Best Manga (for New Readers) from Season One

A Taste of Food and Cooking Manga

PODCAST: Ep. 55 - Jamila Rowser interview

Bonus Podcast: Ken Niimura talks "Spicy Tuna"

MANGA: Spicy Tuna (One-Shot)

The Stories Behind Ken Niimura's Never Open It: The Taboo Trilogy

PODCAST: Ep. 54: Interview with Ken Niimura

MANGA: Ken Niimura's 'The Making of HENSHIN'

PODCAST: Ep. 53 - Conversation with Emma Rios

The Manga of Takako Shimura, author of "Even Though We're Adults", by Erica Friedman

MANGA: Behind the scenes of 'These Days' by Taiyo Matsumoto

Podcast: Ep. 52: The Season 2 Wrap-Up!

MANGA: These Days (Higoro), by Taiyo Matsumoto

Podcast: AKIRA Vol. 3, by Katsuhiro Otomo

Podcast: Our Dining Table + Deadpool Samurai

Podcast: Blue Period Vol. 1, by Tsubasa Yamaguchi

MANGA: Okinawa Ch. 01: Sword of Sand

Podcast: The Blood Red Boy, by Minami Q-ta

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