By Susumu Higa
A rare look at the creation of a manga
An original work with an interesting backstory.
The renowned Gay manga creator Kazuhide Ichikawa pulls back the curtain on gay manga in Japan!
Our first manga chapter, free to read for everyone this week!
In the second half of our interview with Akane Torikai, we explore how she faces controversial topics like sexual assault and suicide in her manga…
Our long-awaited visit to Dick Fight Island is here! Chip hosts! It's very NSFW but we think you're ready for this...
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Deb and Christopher journey to the most famous rooming house in Tokyo where manga legends like Osamu Tezuka and Shotaro Ishinomori lived.
By Susumu Higa
An update on a brand new manga from Mangasplaining and Udon Entertainment, coming in print in Spring 2023