In this Chip-hosted episode, we revisit the woman-meets-woman-who's-already-married drama in the second volume of Even Though We're Adults by Takako…

January 2023

Mangasplaining roars into Season 4 with a heartwarming tale of a boy, his chainsaw demon dog and his quest to get a decent meal and get laid before he…
The Mangasplainers pick their favorite books from Season 3, making recommendations of manga for people who don't read much manga! Which titles will take…
Happy New Year! Here's the book's cover!

December 2022

Maybe you want to see yourself in the print edition of Susumu Higa's OKINAWA?
What’s hot in manga right now? Visiting a great manga shop!
Deb and Christopher journey to the most famous rooming house in Tokyo where manga legends like Osamu Tezuka and Shotaro Ishinomori lived.
Here's our episode about AKIRA vol. 4 with actual pages and additional note about what we discussed. Enjoy!
Podcast player and links!

November 2022

An English-language manga only available in Japan? Ooooo!

October 2022

This week’s episode introduces us to Space Brothers, a popular, award-winning seinen manga dramedy series about two brothers who have space exploration…
"After The Rain's" Jun Mayuzuki returns with a new sci-fi tinged romantic comedy that's anything but generic...