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As an aside, if Asuka was a guy, she'd be universally beloved, as a take-charge leader, weighed down with a mope and a robot girl, both of which had no ability to decide anything. Instead, she's loathed as "mean to Shinji." I hate the way Asuka is treated by Evangelion and was LIVID that Shinji got a happy ending as a normie. Asuka is the real hero of that series and I'll go to the mat (MMA reference, yes,) to protect her. She was dealt a shitty hand by the entire franchise.

I've been doing martial arts for decades, although not competitive, but even other than tsundere, I'm going to say that Maki probably has also had to worker harder and longer to get half the respect the other guys give each other. Like Asuka. So I forgive the tsundere. It may *also* be awkward, but it's her way of carving out status that will never ever be granted her by the men around her if she doesn't insist.

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